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The team Treasurer needs to work with the other team staff, the team manager and parents to ensure that everyone is kept informed and organized.


Team Bank Account - Team Treasurers will need to open a team bank account.  Check with the bank to ensure that you will not be paying bank fees on the team account., most banks have community accounts that do NOT have bank fees attached to them.  This account will require a signor, the Treasurer, and a co-signor.  Ideally, the co-signor is not the Coach or Manager.

A letter from the team or Saskatoon Ringette may be needed to open the bank account.  The letter template below can be customized for your team and may suffice.  To acquire a signed letter from Saskatoon Ringette, you will have to email your request to, with the names of the account signors, and a letter will be emailed out to you.  If you need a letter from the Association to open a bank account, please contact the office at and one will be provided to you.  

As all ringette teams in Saskatoon are required to have a different name, you can name your team account with just the team name or you can add the division and level to the account as well.  Ex.  U14B Saskatoon Boom or U16AA Saskatoon Selects or Saskatoon Blues Ringette.

Collect Start-up Fees - Coordinate with the Coach and Manager and request an initial payment from each player based on the budget that was set for the season.

Collect Additional Funds - Keep the Team Financial Spreadsheet up-to-date throughout the season and ensure that each player has submitted the required amount of money into their account.  Do not wait until the end of the season to try to collect on an outstanding balance.

Equipment Deposit - Each team is required to pay an Equipment Deposit for any equipment provided to the team by Saskatoon Ringette.  Coordinate with your Coach or Manager to provide a cheque for your team's deposit.  The deadline for the deposit to be in to Saskatoon Ringette is November 1st. of each playing season.  The amount of the Equipment Deposit for U8 is $100.00 and for all other divisions is $500.00.

It has been suggested that each team should collect one individual cheque from each of their families of $100.00 each to cover the jersey that each player is given for the Fun 3 through U19 Divisions.  The Fun 1 and Learn to Play Divisions would only have to do one cheque for $60.00 to cover their jersey. That way, if Saskatoon Ringette keeps money back for a jersey that is not returned or is damaged, the team can cash that family's cheque to cover the amount held back.

Track Team Financials - For a spreadsheet you can use to track your team finances and other financial information, click on the document below.  

Sample Financial Document


At the end of the season, any balance remaining in a player's account should be returned to the parents along with a copy of the year-end financial spreadsheet.

Note:  Team fees are not eligible for the Child Tax Credit, only initial registration fees are eligible for this Credit.