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The Active Start division will be provided with jerseys and pants for the season.  These will be supplied at the first ice time.

These pants are provided for the Active Start division thanks to a grant from the City of Saskatoon.


For Fundamentals 1 and 2, game jerseys and pants will be provided to you once teams have been formed. 

For Fundamentals 3, game jerseys will be provided to you once teams have been formed.  Fun 3 players will have the option of buying black pants OR the blue SRA game pants. 

For U12 - U19, game jerseys are supplied by the Association.  Game pants are required to be purchased by the player.  Players also need to supply their own jersey to be worn for practice ice times.

For 18+, each team has their own jerseys so once you are on a team, you will be required to buy a jersey from them.


Information Flyer for Pants

Al Anderson's has sample sizes for athletes to try on before placing an order if you wish.

The first order is open now and will close on September 20th.  It should have a November 2nd delievery date. 

A second order round will open on  September 21st and run until October 4th.  This order should have a delivery date of around November 16th.

To order pants, click this link:


CSA approved helmet with CSA approved Ringette facemask
Approved stick
Shin and elbow pads (shoulder pads are optional but recommended)
Padded girdle with tailbone protection
Pelvic protection
BNQ certified neck guard
Hockey gloves
Hockey skates

Sporting goods stores that are knowledgeable in the required equipment for Ringette are Al Anderson's and Olympian Sports.